Food For Learning

Prince Charles offers the Food for Learning program. This program ensures that all students have daily access to healthy nutritious food while at school. When students eat better, they can learn better. Food for Learning provides food to over 10,000 local children each school year, in the form of a balanced breakfast, healthy snack or nutritious lunch. 


At PCB, additional funding was granted through the President's Choice Children's Charity. Community members volunteer their time to help prepare and deliver food to classrooms. Each classroom has a snack bin and food carts are provided daily during the afternoon eating time. Carts offer nutritious snacks such as yogurt, bagels, granola bars, crackers and fresh fruits. On Tuesdays and Thursday, lunches such as pasta, sandwiches, casseroles are prepared and offered to students that would like it. All of the food is provided without any cost to the student. 

Food for Learning programs are vital as numerous studies have proven that when children and youth are provided with the proper nutrition, there is an impact on their cognition, behavior and academic performance. When a student arrives at school hungry and participates in a student nutrition program, they will maximize their learning potential through the school day.