Allergies, Medical Concerns and Medication

nut free imagePrince Charles School is a nut sensitive school. Please do not send peanut or other nut items with your child to school. We ask that when sending lunch items and snacks that you look at the labels to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff. We also ask that when sending treats for special days at school that you provide a list of ingredients if they are not store-bought.


Board procedure requires that all schools have signed consent from a physician prior to the administration of any prescribed medication at school. Whenever possible, short term medication such as antibiotics, should be administered at home.

Families of children with life threatening allergies/illnesses are asked to contact the office to receive and complete medical forms.

Note: It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that medical forms are up-dated on a yearly basis.

Parents are responsible to provide to the school any prescription medication. All medication must be provided in a clearly labeled pharmacy container which identifies the child’s name, the physician’s name, the name of the medication and the dosage (quantity and frequency).